How to install a shower panel?

A 10 step easy to understand installation guide for most of the shower units. All you need is 10 basic steps... Lets start!


Step 1

Choosing the installation site and marking the position are the first steps in installing a shower panel with jets. After that, while holding the panel still, drill the holes.

Step 2

On the wall surface, drill the holes with the proper drill.

Step 3

Gather the mounting equipment. Afterward, use brackets to secure the mounting bracket to the wall. The type of mounting hardware chosen will depend on the wall's construction material. If the mounting brackets is not included with the shower wall system, you may buy it at your neighborhood hardware store.

Step 4

Attach the hand shower hose to the shower panel's side. After that, progressively tighten each screw until they are both secure by starting with the first.

Step 5

If a new shower arm is included, place it in the shower panel and twist to tighten. Complete the tightening with a wrench. Wrap a dry cloth around the shower arm to safeguard the finish.

Step 6

Connect the main water supply to the flexible water feed tubes.

Step 7

Before you attach it to the wall, turn on the water supply to make sure there are no leaks in the water feed tubes. Continue with installation if there are no leaks. Use your adjustable wrench to tighten the connections as necessary if there is any leakage.

Step 8

Hang the shower panel from the mounting bracket to secure it to the wall. Ensure that it is level and hanging evenly.

Step 9

Turn on the water after the shower panel has been installed to make sure all the connections are secure. Make sure the hot and cold supplies are operating properly as well. After that, direct water to each output and let it run for a while.

Step 10

Apply a bead of silicone sealant across the shower panel's top and sides, then use a moist cloth to remove any excess silicone. If there is a leak, do not apply silicone sealer to the bottom of the shower panel; this will allow water to escape.


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